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28th October - 6th November 2021

 The Inagural Outdoor Festival in  which i exhibited my Sculpture  "Colussus Candy" 

Colossus Candy was inspired by the Artist’s practise of nurturing and embracing his inner child, to allow it to roam free, accept change and  take him on a creative and innovative journey into the future.

This transfigurative 3.3 Metre High Sculpture will rise up into the stratosphere with multi coloured translucent coloured acrylic panels attached to it to represent a Giant Candy Bar.

The Sun will shine trough the translucent acrylic panels to project  coloured patterns on the ground. During the 24 hours the earth takes to spin on its axis the projections created by the sculpture will constantly evolve to convey how we must embrace change to grow, innovate and move forwards into the future.

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