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 2022 - 2025 (Ongoing)

I was invited along with eight other  United Arab Emirates based artists with limited sound recording experience  by the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi to collaborate and work closely with Artist Kabir Mohanty  and sound engineer/ composer  Vikram Joglekar to record, compose and produce memories in the form of sound compositions which are relevant to our experiences of living in the United Arab Emirates. 
As Artists we were also requested to go out into the community and find and invite a guest. Someone who’s voice is not commonly heard. 
The collaborative project resulted in a sound installation at an Abu Dhabi Art space. Sixteen threads produced by the collaborators played randomly on 2 speakers with a series of objects and a model of the proposed future Installation.

The Project was awarded further funding as part of Abu Dhabi Biennale and further Sonic Threads are being developed  by the collaborative group for an outdoor Sound Installation in the Winter of 2024.
The Video below  "Please Leave in  Silence" is Spencer Sonic Composition produced as part of the Collaborative project. Spencer produced the Short Film to accompany the Sonic composition with his family outside of the Guggenheim project.

                       Spencer Hogg Sonic Composition/ Film -    "PLEASE LEAVE IN SILENCE"

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