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05th February- 03 April 2021

Spencer  Sculpture  " This Precious Life this precarious life " selected  for the RAK Fine Arts Festival 2021. 

This sculpture aims to raise awareness of the human population’s excessive consumerism, opulence, and development using unsustainable methods to feed and satisfy their wants and needs. Warning signs are already apparent with climate changes, depletion of fish stocks, increase in nationalism and pandemic virus’s outbreaks such as Ebola and  Covid 19 becoming more prevalent.

 (The Qur'an, 6:165).” For he it is who has appointed you vicegerent over the earth, and has exalted some of you over others in rank that He may try you in what He has bestowed is upon you. Indeed your Lord is swift in retribution, and He is certainly All Forgiving, All-Compassionate.”

The Egg represents the Human races precarious existence due to unsustainable practises and failing to be vicegerent over the earth.

So is it not time we made the changes to our lifestyles, policies and practises, so that we can live peacefully and sustainably on this earth?

Materals - Wood,  Concrete, Plaster, Stainless Steel, Dried Painted Gourd

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