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15th  24th March 2022

Spencer  was commissioned to create a work for this years Festival the 10th Anniversary. " Ïdentity"

◦When you  google “ Arabian Art”  you will find clichéd representations of past history and heritage, or orientalist images of  imaginary, mystic qualities.

◦The GCC that I have lived and worked in for the last 14 years is one quite different to the images I discovered on goggle. It is one of Innovation, creativity and state of the art development. However in art, media, branding, and architecture the past history and heritage  is often still used to represent Arab  authenticity.

◦Should authenticity in contemporary arabian art be bourne from national and resident artists narrative, experiences and modern cultural references or must their always be a reference to the past history and heritage for it to be authentic?

◦The Abstract sculpture “Identity” is proposed to create discussion and dialogue on what references of Arabian identity are relevant today.

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