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Photo 3 -King Karlos and Kozmo - The Jou



King Karlos and Kozmo is a story told in 6 photos that explores the impact of Covid19 on Migrants.
"Following an apocalyptic virus outbreak King Karlos and Kozmo the only survivors from the island of Tjörn set sail on the Pink Flamingo in search of other life, food and security. After many months at sea they arrive on the shores of “Banan” Beach. They settle and search for “Banan” but alas she and other lifeforms cannot be found. Not deterred they continue their journey through this new land of deserts, mountains and deserted skyscrapers in search of life and a future until they reach the “Top of the Tent”. The last sighting of them was from a CCTV Camera at the Area 51 Café?
For the first time since World War 2 the mortality, economic stability, safety and security of all people and nations in the World has been affected by Covid 19. A virus that does not discriminate irrespective of wealth, race or nationality. The loss of control being felt by communities worldwide due to job losses, financial instability, border closures, restrictions on movement and feelings of social isolation provides insights into the daily struggles of displaced people around the world. This should provide grounds for empathy and solidarity.

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