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13th July - 09th September 2021

Spencer exhibited three works for  "Made in Tashkeel"  Group exhibition in Dubai .

Candy Crusher. 2021. Sculpture (Concrete Blocks/painted Rocks). 110 (H) x 60 (W) x 60 (D) cm. 

The UAE rapid growth and development over the last 20 years has required the blasting and crushing of millions of tons of raw materials from the UAE Hajar Mountains. This is to supply the booming construction industry to build new Skyscrapers, Roads and Railways. Any development and progress will have some negative impact on the environment.  

This sculptural work was created as part of the artist research into the pioneering sustainable Initiatives that Quarries and UAE Government agencies are implementing to limit the impact to the environment whilst sustaining the development and growth of the UAE. (41) 


Fossil Pop & Lollipop on the Loose. 2019. Photograph on paper. 43 x 62.5cm (each) 

From the Artist body of work “Ard (ضرأ  )" An 8-month Project in 2019/2020 in which the Artist created temporary installations, Land art and performance art works that interact and compliment the beauteous and varied landscapes of the United Arab Emirates.  

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